plainfield renewable energy

Plainfield, Connecticut

Our first project, Plainfield Renewable Energy (PRE), is a $220 million biomass generation facility capable of producing 37.5 MW of net generation. This project won mezzanine finance project of the year by Project Finance and Risk in 2011 and is expected to be completed by January 2014.

The plant will generate electricity through the use of wood that is mainly derived from construction and demolition waste that would otherwise be placed in landfills. The plant will generate enough clean electricity to provide for about 40,000 households. It will also provide about 15% of the amount of renewable energy that the State of Connecticut is required under current rules to produce.

The PRE project will use the clean wood that is leftover from construction and demolition activities for the majority of its fuel supply. This is required by the Connecticut Department of Public Utility Control. This means that each of the suppliers will take construction and demolition waste and remove all other waste (like nails, sheetrock, etc.) except for wood. That wood will then be reduced to chips of less than 6 inches and delivered to the site as fuel.  The wood fuel must meet strict standards regarding the absence of environmentally unsafe materials. For instance, no wood containing creosote or other dangerous toxinx can be used as wood fuel in the project.

A major environmental group, The Northeast States for Coordinated Air Use Management (, endorsed the use of this type of fuel as comparable to burning virgin wood. A representative of the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEEP) has also testified that construction and demolition wood fuel causes emissions that are similar to other regenerable biomass fuels.

In addition, the Natural Resources Defense Council ( supports the Plainfield Renewable Energy project and its fuel usage. NRDC is taking a major role in thoughtfully guiding our country in the use of environmentally-sound renewable power.

NRDC, in its letter dated April 5, 2006 to Plainfield Renewable Energy. states "that NRDC has reviewed the plans for Plainfield Renewable Energy project and found that the categories of wood you propose to use meet our criteria for environmentally acceptable wood. In particular the standard for cleaned wood from construction and demolition debris appears to exclude all of the materials of concern to NRDC."

In a second letter of support sent by NRDC to the CT Department of Public Utility Control dated September 24, 2007, NRDC states in part: "the standard for clean wood from construction and demolition debris appears to exclude all of the materials of concern to NRDC from an air quality and public health perspective."